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Valentine’s Raffle is back at SJN!

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers & Staff of the SJN Community,

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. The CSC would like to invite all of you to participate in the Valentine’s Raffle at SJN! You are cordially invited to donate raffle prizes, such as food, toy or stationery items for the draw. Please see the specific requirements on food items set out below. Your generosity ... Continue reading "Valentine’s Raffle is back at SJN!"

Markham Fire Fighters visit St. Justin, Martyr

During the months of January through March, Markham Fire Department will be visiting our Grade 1-4 students here at St. Justin, Martyr.  They will have the opportunity to learn about fire safety rules, fire prevention and many other topics related to safety.  We are excited for our Grade 1-4 students and are looking forward to the continued visits over the course of the next few ... Continue reading "Markham Fire Fighters visit St. Justin, Martyr"

Author Eric Walter’s Visits SJN & Family Literacy Day!

     Mark this date on your calendar!  Eric Walters is coming to St. Justin, Martyr on Friday, January 27, 2023!  Eric Walters, a popular Canadian author of books for children up to Grade 12 will be speaking to our Junior and Intermediate students throughout the day.  Mr. Walters has written over 125 novels and picture books.  He has given 12 000 presentations and has spoken to ... Continue reading "Author Eric Walter’s Visits SJN & Family Literacy Day!"

SJN Christmas Spirit Week December 19-23

Dear Parents and Guardians

Next week we will be celebrating Christmas Spirit Week at St. Justin, Martyr.  Each day will feature a Christmas theme to help spread some Christmas cheer throughout our school.  We hope to see everyone dressed up and showing their Christmas Spirit throughout the week.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs. Catenacci & Mr. Silveri ... Continue reading "SJN Christmas Spirit Week December 19-23"


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