Catholic School Council

The School Council makes recommendations to the Principal on a wide range of matters relating to the School. Through teamwork, the School Council also organizes a number of School activities designed to promote Catholic faith and values and to foster student fellowship and school spirit.



  • Chair:  Nicolae Tarla
  • Treasurer:  Geraldine Santos-Lee
  • Secretary: Jennifer Wong

Voting Members

  • Ed Xu
  • Kirindi Tao-Young
  • Eliza Su
  • Tamara Kara
  • Emily Ho
  • Vinzon Natividad
  • Tina Yuen
  • Gladys Mak
  • Sharda Dammar
  • Michelle Ko
  • Sabrina Yu
  • Debby Lam
  • Annie Tang
  • Vicky Ng
  • Carman Philip
  • Dina Agaiby
  • Abby Cheung
  • Sue Zwarich