Author Eric Walter’s Visits SJN & Family Literacy Day!

     Mark this date on your calendar!  Eric Walters is coming to St. Justin, Martyr on Friday, January 27, 2023!  Eric Walters, a popular Canadian author of books for children up to Grade 12 will be speaking to our Junior and Intermediate students throughout the day.  Mr. Walters has written over 125 novels and picture books.  He has given 12 000 presentations and has spoken to approximately 1.5 million students.  During his visit, he will speak about his love of reading and writing in the hopes that our Junior and Intermediate students will continue to develop their own love for reading and writing. Mr. Walters would also like to invite any parents who would like to hear him speak.  What a great opportunity to celebrate Family Literacy Day!  Mr. Walters is also available to sign books bought during his SJN visit as well as any of his books that students already own!

       This year, Family Literacy Day takes place on Friday, January 27th.  This year’s theme is “Celebrate Your Heritage”. Families are encouraged to explore and take some time to learn about their heritage.  ABC LifeLiteracyCanada is dedicated to providing free learning and promotional resources to encourage all members of the family to read.  Hundreds of studies have found that children who read at home, with members of their family, continue to be life-long learners and avid readers.  For ideas on how you can get your family involved in Family Literacy Day this year, click on this ABC LifeLiteracyCanada link.  You can even register to participate in a virtual how-to session with this year’s Family Literacy Day Honorary Chair and renowned Canadian artist/author Barbary Reid.  Happy reading, everybody!!