Black Heritage Month At SJN!!!

In celebration of Black Heritage Month, we are excited to welcome Karl Subban to St. Justin, Martyr for a virtual presentation for our Grade 1 through 8 students on February 28, 2023. Mr. Subban is a retired school teacher and administrator of 30 years with the Toronto District School Board and a father of 5 accomplished children and motivational speaker. Having dedicated his life to helping others reach their potential, Mr. Subban knows the value of hard work, devotion, and sacrifice.  One endeavor Mr. Subban has worked with is the Canadian Tire project underscoring the benefits of children’s participation in hockey and served as an ambassador for the Hyundai Hockey Helpers Program.  Karl Subban has mastered the art of inspiration over the last 30 years, “Your greatest gift is your potential,” he writes in his bestselling memoir, How We Did It, “and your greatest gift to the world is the development of that potential.”  We are excited to welcome Mr. Subban to SJN and listen as he delivers his wonderful messages of teamwork, leadership, community building through his unique perspective as an educator. A great way to celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians in celebration of Black Heritage Month!