SJN Carnaval – February 15 to17, 2023

St. Justin, Martyr’s Carnaval Week will take place beginning on Wednesday, February 15 to Friday, February 17. The week will be filled with fun activities for all students. Please see below for a list of activities expected during the week:

Wednesday, February 15

  • Le jour des tuques (Tuque/ Winter Hat Day)

  • Treasure Hunt and Snow soccer for the primary and junior classes. (Wednesday through Friday, during one French period)

  • Bonhomme visits SJN (Wednesday to Friday)

  • Soap Sculptures for the intermediate classes


  • Poutine Day (from Swiss Chalet)

Thursday, February 16

  • Le jour du chandail de sport/des vêtements de sport    

               (Jersey/Athletic Wear Day)

Friday, February 17

  • Le jour du rouge et blanc (Red and White Day)


Presentation:  “Blanche neige/ Snow White” on Friday, March 31 , 2023

Due to the limited availability of this play, the performance will take place during the month of March.  We will be informing everyone of the date and time that classes will be attending the play approximately two weeks before the performance.

We hope that you all enjoy a taste of French culture during Carnaval at St. Justin, Martyr!

Merci beaucoup.

Mme Perfetti       Mme Ortiz     Mme Lollino
Le comité du Carnaval