SJN Retrieval Days for Parents/Guardians

Hello Parents and Guardians of our St. Justin, Martyr Community,

This is a gentle reminder that our Parent Retrieval Dates are taking place tomorrow – Thursday, June 18th and Friday, June 19th.  We would like to begin by thanking you for your patience and support during this challenging time.  Please refer to your assigned time for entry.

We are asking that only one parent/guardian attend the school during this time period.  We anticipate parents/guardians bringing any items that belong to the school during this day as well – these include all library books, team jerseys, school textbooks, etc. Below, is a reminder of some of the guidelines we must all adhere to in order to make this as safe & equitable for all of our community members:

  1. You will be asked to line up outside the front of the school, practicing safe distancing while waiting for entry into the school through the front foyer.

  2. Maintain a minimum 2 meter distance at all times, as you enter and exit the building, and as directed by staff supervisors.

  3. Exiting the building can only take place through the front of the school.

  4. Before entry, review and adhere to the instructions on the self-screening poster from York Region Public Health posted at the front entrance.

  5. School access is limited to one parent per family OR one Intermediate student per family.

  6. To maximize safety & ensure we are maintaining safety protocols, students will not be permitted to enter the building with their parents.

  7. Parents are to proceed directly to their children’s classroom(s).

  8. Your child’s belongings will be labeled in an untied bag located in their classrooms.  All contents of their desks (as well as items of clothing that have been labelled) will be located in this bag.  Should they have had an Epi-Pen in their classroom, that will also be located in their bag.

  9. Parents/Guardians are to gather any additional materials from the student’s work space (eg. coat rack) & place into the bag.

  10. Return any school-owned items (textbooks etc) that are no longer needed to a designated table in the classroom.

  11. If your child has an Epi-Pen/other medication that was in the school office, please retrieve that medication in our front foyer on your way out of the school building.  

  12. All Graduating families, we ask that you check in at the front foyer as well to retrieve your child’s Graduation Grab Bag with commemorative items for our Graduates.

  13. Please note that bathrooms will not be available due to health and safety protocols.

  14. Please note that parents/guardians who have children that attend the Before & After Care and/or Daycare Program “The Village” may visit their areas as well to retrieve any items that have been left behind.  The Program Supervisor, Kim Tham will be available to you on both of those dates.

We strongly recommend that all parents/guardians that are entering the school building wear masks. Hand sanitizer will be made available at the front foyer, upon entry into the school building.  Parents who have children in portables only, may proceed directly to the portable area at the back of the school (as long as they retrieve medication required at the front of the school – foyer area once they are ready to leave the school).

Needless to say, we are happy to see all of you, even if it is for a brief time, and we encourage you to adhere to your allotted time frame, so that this process can proceed respectfully and as efficiently as possible. Finally, we feel that it is important to note that we are not collecting technology equipment (lap-tops, iPads et cetera) at this time.  Stay tuned for further information regarding the collection of these items.

Once again, thank you for your dedication to our school and your support of our retrieval plans.  Stay Safe & Be Well!