Vive Le Carnaval!!

Our annual French carnaval runs this week from Wednesday to Friday. Many thanks to our French department for putting on this highly anticipated event and to our Catholic School Council and parents for their financial support, donations and many volunteer hours.

The week is bound to be filled with many special surprises and fun-filled theme days.

  • Wednesday – Les cheveux fous fous (Crazy Hair Day)
  • Thursday – Le jour du tuque et de la deinture flechee (Tuque and Arrowed Belt Day)
  • Thursday – Le jour du pyjama (Pyjama Day)

We are all looking forward to a visit from Bonne Homme.

Also, we are looking forward to our special treats of croissants et chocolat chaud – thank you to our parent council.

On Friday afternoon, we will all be treated to a bilingual play called “Les trois petits cochons/The Three Little Pigs”. Special thanks to our council for their financial support of all of these great activities.

Merci beaucoup!!!